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Oklahoma Glass & Mirror is your expert in residential and commercial glass!

Residential –

Shower Doors and Frameless Showers:
Oklahoma Glass excels in installing shower doors for a beautiful look!  We can install both framed and frameless models of shower doors, each with unique and beautiful qualities. We work with many local contractors and homeowners to find a look that you’ll love. At number of attractive finishes and trim pieces such as clips, hinges and handles accentuate both framed and frameless doors. Please take a moment to view our photo gallery of some finished shower doors!

Mirrors: We like to install mirrors so much—It’s in our name!

From a side view mirror for your tractor, to a wall of mirrors for your dance studio, Oklahoma Glass & Mirror is your source for reflective solutions. Want to increase the size of a room?  Don’t call a contractor to tear down a wall, call Oklahoma Glass & Mirror to add light and to create the perception of a larger space by using mirror. Mirrors can amplify the amount of ambient light present in a room and improve a room’s appeal.

Oklahoma Glass & Mirror can repair torn screens, or even make and install new ones. It doesn’t matter what kind of screen you need repaired, just bring it to our store at 513 S Cherokee St. Catoosa, Ok and we can fix you up! We can also make new screens or if you have one from another window that fits, you can drop it off and we will replicate it.

Can’t drop it off? We can pick up your screen and deliver it once finished (additional charges may apply). No matter how bad the screen looks, bring it in, Oklahoma Glass & Mirror will create a solution.  Re-screening is an inexpensive way to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Glass Shelves:
There are many different styles of glass shelves to choose from – suspension shelving to bracketed; glass shelving bring a style and a look not found elsewhere. Many shelves can be made with beveled edges. Textured glass can be installed. Even corner shelves can be constructed. There are endless possibilities…… this type of shelving gives a clean, modern touch to any home. Give us a call at 918-341-2452 to schedule a quote for your glass shelves today.

Insulated Glass (IG’s):
Over the last couple of decades, energy savings has become an important part of a building’s or home’s construction!  Most new structures have double paned glass windows called Insulated Glass Units (IG). When an IG unit starts to fail, moisture may condense between the two pieces of glass.
We measure your existing glass for proper fit.  We will have the IG unit manufactured with the correct glass (i.e. Clear, Low-E, Bronze, etc.), without the cost of replacing the entire frame!

All of our insulated glass units have a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.
IG’s unit provides the optimal air space between the two panes of glass.
Some units are made with one pane of clear single strength glass and one pane of glass made with Low-E glass.

Oklahoma Glass & Mirror can custom cut glass to fit tabletops and nearly any piece of furniture; coffee tables & end tables, dinner tables, patio tables, desks — anything! Flat polish, pencil polish, beveling from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ are just some of the edges that can make your table top sparkle. If you desire a special edge treatment for your glass top, we are here to help! Those who have (or had) a patio table with textured glass need to look no further for help. Oklahoma Glass & Mirror can order a replacement piece with a similar, if not the exact same texture. If you need a new patio table, please bring the umbrella ring with you. We can also replace the glass in display

Patio Doors

Traditional doors can require up to nine square feet of unobstructed floor space. A sliding patio door requires about one square foot and blends in like a regular window. Do you have an unusable sliding patio door unit?  The tracks are damaged, and replacing the rollers did not help? We can provide a new patio door for you to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of fighting to get the door open/closed/locked.

Storefronts & other Commercial Needs:

Whether it’s office shopping centers, churches, schools or another type of commercial building, we are here to get the job done!  .

Need a specialty job done like a mail slot, secured appointment window or to fix door closers that don’t work right?  We can help you with the job, nothing is too small.

Available Maintenance – the below is a list of items we can replace:

Broken Glass – replacement
Door Closer – replacement or adjustment
Door Pivots and Hinges
Fogged or Failed Insulated Glass Unit replacement
Lock Cylinder – replacement
Panic Hardware – installation or repair